Sunday, June 26, 2011

Utopia necklaces

I made these pieces for the "Utopia" themes YOJ challenge on beading forum.  The first is a combination of rose quartz, flourite, clear quartz and pearl. It is destined to be a birthday gift for a friend. The second is purple crazy lace agate, hematite, lavakite, flourite, obsidian and moonstone. It will be going to a friend at work, who fell in love with the crazy lace agate.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vicki's Vintage Charmer

A gift for my dear friend Vicki -- she of the mad, vintage, Victorian style, and lover of all things sparkly.  Hope you like it my sweet.

Woodland Gems

Sorry for the lack of recent posts- struck down by unpleasant virus - I have been a very unhappy camper, but finally feeling better.  I made this multi-strand necklace with jasper beads I was given by one of the lovely girls on  I love the earthy tones, so I used some sweet brass birds, and brass chain to keep the warm tones.  The construction went through multiple stages - every time I put it on, the chains would roll and tangle.  Eventually, I solved the problem by using little chandelier components to attach the strands.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A pile of inspiration

This is a shot of some goodies that are going into a new multi-part challenge - ideas are starting to take shape!

Aladdin's Amethyst Bracelet

This weeks YOJ theme on was Aladdin's cave.  I was inspired by a beautiful amethyst geode cave my husband bought me years ago.  I have combined multiple strands of amethyst, purple glass beads, purple glass pearls, and clear crystal, into a chunky plaited bracelet.  I love the end result, but it was a serious pain to make - lining up all the separate strands nearly drove me nuts!  Anyway, here it is: