Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Goddess

I made this super long necklace with some lovely green agate ovals, some "wire" beads, and gunmetal chain.  It reaches nearly to my waist.

  I have also made a shorter chain section that I can clip in, to turn it into a shorter, double strand piece, giving me a bit more versatility.

The agate were purchased at my local gem show, and cost me $10.00 for a strand of about 12 beads. They are around 50mm long, so are a great feature bead.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple but stylish - Labradorite

I love, love, love labradorite
 - the secret flash of colour hidden behind the demure grey exterior really does it for me.  

I wanted to do something really simple with these, to let the beauty of the beads speak for themselves.

A shame the picture cannot capture the inner beauty - they really must be appreciated in person.

Copeton dam nearly full

I am enjoying a couple of weeks of holidays at the moment - no study, no work, just some time to myself.  We went out to the local dam for a picnic the other day - at 98% full it is am impressive sight.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Time to Let Go"

I made this piece for beading forum's YOJ theme "Tick Tock". 

 It is a brooch made up of watch parts set in a heart shaped bezel, and featuring gemstone dangles - a pearl for wisdom, rose quartz for gentleness and love, and a tourmaline to protect against negativity.  

I shall wear it to remind me it is OK to let go of things that no longer serve.