Monday, November 28, 2011

Sorry I've been absent

I've had a busy couple of weeks, and no time to bead (pout).  Last weekend a conference in Sydney kept me busy for 4 days, and then this weekend, we have had rain, rain and more rain (nearly 200mls).  You would think all the rain would be a good excuse to bead, but, between dealing with a flooded garage, doing some Christmas shopping, and contemplating what to do about the 2 huge trees that fell over in our backyard (missing the birdcage and shed by a whisker), I ran out of time.

OK, I will also admit to being somewhat distracted by playing with my new iPad, but I promise to bead real soon.  Just as soon as I download that new app, finish cleaning up after the rain, and do some uni work. Sigh. Maybe next weekend.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My first ever scrapbook page

Made for a special project for work - I am happy with my first attempt - I have been watching Michelle & Courtney at work for a while, and I guess I must have picked up a few ideas.

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas....

........and I've been making more Christmas gifts.  

Luckily I have lots of girls to make for - some old, some young, but all special to me.

  I have been using some of the special treasures I have been holding onto for a while

 (sigh - sometimes it's hard to let go)

Pearls, iolite, agate, ceramic and brass.

Only a few more things to make now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winged Blossoms

This piece has been made for the "Sakura" (Cherry blossom) themed challenge on  I used a winged brass setting, some pink/green Precosia crystals and some lucite flowers.

I have had a lovely weekend with family coming from out of town for a visit, so spent yesterday being a tourist in my own town - always fun.