Tuesday, July 24, 2012

(mis)Adventures with Twitter

As part of my subject this semester I promised myself that I would really push myself to use social media tools that I am not overly familiar with. Part of my challenge is to start using twitter, so I decided that I would tweet from the conference (ImaginePLNSW) that I am attending this week. I have been practicing over the last few days, and have found it to be a frustrating experience. I installed the twitter app on my iPad, but found that when I search for tweets with the subject hash tag #INF2506 I only get a few, not allow them. I couldn't find a fix for this, so decided to try hootsuite and tweetdeck as alternatives. Both seem fairly easy at first glance, but I am finding that if I retweet from hootsuite, I cannot get it to show in the #INF2506 stream. I feel like the last few days have been going around in circles, but have plans to catch up with a few more experienced people here at the conference to pick their brains!

I have spent some time thinking about what makes for a good tweet, especially from something like a conference, and will be try to aim to link to presentations and info presented when I can, to make the tweets more valuable.

Shoal Bay (the. Conf location) is lovely, and apparently, there are lots of dolphins in the harbor -I will keep my eyes peeled!


  1. twitter is one thing that drives me nuts, I've set mine up so that my blogs posts and things just get tweeted from my blog, so I dont have to write anything else lol, also its linked to my instagram..maybe use instagram instead for social instead of tweeting.

    ps I left you a message on skype, just dont think you got it yet
    x Courtney

  2. Thanks Courtney - trying out a few different things -will check Skype when I get home from conf

  3. Hi Sonya,

    I am sharing your frustration with Tweets showing up in #inf2506. I can't see mine when I do a search either. Still, I guess I have learnt something I did not know about Twitter before so all is not lost.


  4. Hi Dale,
    I think the worst part is that it is really hard to find out why - certainly nothing in the help documentation from the service providers. If you were using this as an important part of your communication strategy, are you failing to reach a segment of your audience, or failing to communicate all you want too, and how do you know that it's happening. It has certainly been a learning experience.