Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taming of the shrew challenge

This weeks YOJ theme was "The taming of the shrew"   I decided to make a stamped cuff bracelet - first time doing anything like real metalwork. I started with length of copper pipe, beat it flat with hammer, then stamped a quote from the play "And thereby hangs a tale" (just a little bit wonky!, but I'm claiming I was going for the rustic look!) I bashed it a bit more to give it some texture, then enlisted my darling man's help to buff it and shape it into a cuff. 

I used the egg patina method I found in one of the threads here to get rid of the shiny copper finish, then used some alcohol inks to darken the text, and improve the colour a bit. I finally embellished with some filigree and some split pins, and lined the inside with velvet ribbon.

I have to admit the end product is rather "rustic", but I am rather pleased with myself, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Next time I will know to keep the text and decoration more to the middle, rather than the sides.

The pictures are kind of ordinary, as it was really hard to pick up the stamping, but hopefully you get the idea!

P.S. - Just found out this was a winner for the challenge!!

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